To celebrate the birthday of one of his sons, the founder; Usman Lawal was faced with a NEED and then, a challenge. The need to have healthy poultry meat without the health risk of eating imported and highly chemicalized poultry that was being sold in the market. The challenge? There weren’t outlets where he could purchase this and had to go through the stressful process of buying a live chicken and dressing it himself. From this experience, he realized that a lot of people face the same change, of wanting healthy poultry meat without stress. That was where the seed of the USAIFA brand was planted.
Founded in 2015, the farm was set up with the single intention of creating healthy and hormone free poultry meat, delivered to the doorstep of our customers. This would be done using natural, organic and sustainable farming practices.

Currently on a four acres land space, we have grown from a small farm providing healthy poultry meat, to become one the emerging stakeholders in sustainable farming and now offering other products like fish, snail and livestock and agribusiness consulting.

Our innovative methodology of using sustainable and organic approach to farming and food protection has won for us, local and international accolades and recognition; including grants from prestigious organizations as the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Tony Elumelu Foundation, Bank of Industry and the Diamond bank Entrepreneurship programme.

Our Model

We practice sustainable farming that optimizes the use of plant, animals and bacteria to produce bio diverse food and nutrient in an integrated cycle where the waste of one process becomes the feed stock for another process.

This ensures zero waste agriculture through vertical integration while providing jobs and training opportunities for the local community. This way we protect our customers, produce healthy farm produce as well as protect our environment.

We care about the environment.