Poultry (Broilers & Layers)

Our first specialty was in poultry farming. We breed different variety of birds and supply the market with both eggs and meat. Through multiple poultry systems – battery cages and dip litter; we raise hormone free poultry that is made available at our neighborhood stores, restaurants and various market points as hotels, restaurants, fast food and Suya points.
Because imported poultry meat has been discovered to contain chemicals like formalin which is harmful to health, our goal is to produce high quality, neatly packaged and affordable poultry products to meet their increasing demands of the market.


Using the hydroponic innovation, we raise healthy fishes through organic methods, breeding high fertility fries, fingerlings and juveniles.

We grow catfish to table-size for supplies to restaurants and various market points. The fishes can be processed by smoking and drying them under hygienic conditions; packing and selling to customers across major cities.

We also offer consultancy service to individuals venturing into catfish farming or who are thinking of expanding their current catfish business.


Snail meat is a good source of protein. It is rich in iron and calcium, but low in fat and cholesterol compared to other animal protein sources like poultry, pigs, cow and goat. They are environmental-friendly, because, unlike pigs and poultry, neither the snail nor its droppings smell offensively.

We breed and raise snails naturally on pasture / free range method to produce our high quality snail meat for our customers.

Livestock (Ram & Goat)

Our livestock are raised using natural food sources like grass to ensure that they are both healthy and do not pose any health risk. We raise a variety of animals including cattle, goat and rabbits.
These livestock are made available to various market points and retailers who use them for restaurants, hotels and also sell in the market place. Other products like hides and milk is also produced from our livestock farming.


USAIFA rabbits are naturally produced meat-type rabbits raised without the use of any antibiotics and hormones. We also tap into the organic fertilizer produced by rabbit urine, used as an alternative to conventional fertilizers.

Aside meat production, we also training on rabbit farm establishment and overall management for young people interested in exploring the opportunities in rabbit farming.

Animal Feed

In 2017, we diversified into the manufacturing of animal feed for poultry and livestock. Using raw materials as maize, sorghum, grains, groundnut cake, soyabean meal, fish meal and bone meal, we create feed to meet increasing demand due to our expansion.

Our animal feed are also packaged and sold to other farms at competitive prices.

Agribusiness Consultancy and Training

We also offer agribusiness consultancy and training to farms and institutions that would like to learn from our innovative farming methods. Training and consulting covers areas as farm set up, business development, inventory management, farm accounting etc.

We work with government institutions to training civil servants and about to retire career professionals who have interest in agriculture and would like to acquire skills to do it right.